A New Adventure in Blogging…

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Yay, I finally started a blog. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while but had always put it off because I tend to be ambitious but lazy and question whether I can stay dedicated to keeping one up to date. So here’s to hoping I can stick with it…. 

So, what kinds of things can you expect to see? Mostly stuff pertaining to my stamping and card making, but I can’t promise other things won’t sneak in, like my dog and evil kitty, rants and raves about life and other random bits of nonsense.

Since I have spent most of my week trying to figure out just how blogging works (and please bare with me, cause I am still a bit clueless) I haven’t spent any time actually making many cards, so I will start out with some of the most recent cards I made for no particular reason : p